HD Online Player (Jennifer Body Movie Download Dual Au)

||HD Online Player (Jennifer Body Movie Download Dual Au)

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HD Online Player (Jennifer Body Movie Download Dual Au)


This case study explains how an agency used event marketing to meet its business objectives and change customers’ perceptions of an existing brand and drove sales. The target market for the travel company was the business traveler. The company conducted an event to support the launch of a new vacation product. The event was designed to generate awareness of the new vacation product, educate and inform customers about this new product, and introduce the new offering to the target market. The event consisted of a concert that promoted the new product, a panel discussion that featured two travel industry experts, and a wine-tasting event at an upscale restaurant that included live music. The company’s objective was to educate and inform consumers about the product and to build brand awareness for the product. The new vacation product, an upscale cruise for two, was designed to appeal to higher-income consumers. Marketing researchers had studied the target market and determined that business travelers would be interested in the new vacation product. The event was targeted at a high-income audience that would be interested in the new product. Three months after the event, the target market purchased the new product. In addition to generating sales, the company achieved its business objectives and changed customers’ perceptions of the brand and its service. This study was written by Lisa Monkemeyer.Title


Date of Award


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy


School of Business


School of Business

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Dr. Carolyn Barksdale

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