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If you are tired of changing your desktop background manually on a regular basis, Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer can help you in this regard as it offers a nice and easy way to do it automatically, every time you start Windows.
The interface is really minimal and you won’t see too many features, so don’t expect Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer to do wonders.
You just have to input the path to pictures, which is actually the folder where you keep all your desktop backgrounds.
There are three available buttons, ‘Change now’, ‘Refresh list’ and ‘OK’, with a single option, namely the one to set a new wallpaper on Windows startup.
As you can see, Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer is quite a simple application, which means you won’t have at your disposal more advanced functions such as the possibility to change the wallpaper automatically at a user defined interval.
Plus, there’s no option to control which wallpapers you wish to use, so all images in the provided folder will be used as wallpapers, no matter if they fit the screen or not.
It’s no surprise that it remains light on computer resources all the time, but the thing we missed the most was a System Tray icon that could allow a quick change of wallpaper. On the other hand, it creates a special ‘Change Now’ shortcut on the desktop which needs just a double-click to set up a new desktop background.
So all in all, if you are looking for an app able to do just that, change the picture on your screen from a simple interface, Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer is the right solution.

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer Features:

– Automatically change desktop backgrounds to one of your own pictures.
– Set as a Start Screen background.
– Allow pictures to be placed into your ‘wallpaper’ folder and on each startup to be available.
– Allows you to use pictures that don’t fill the screen (screen shots, etc.).
– Easy to use.
– Very small.
– Can be used as a Windows Start Menu Screen Saver.

How to install Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer:

1. Download the archive from the link above.
2. Move the downloaded archive to a storage device such as a USB stick.
3. Select the archive from the storage device and copy it to the same storage device where you keep your pictures.
4. Enter the path to your pictures in the application.

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Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer Crack +

There are a few programs on the market which could change your desktop wallpaper automatically and they could make you feel tempted to use them. If you are tired of manually changing the desktop background every time you start Windows and you don’t care about personalization and about having a certain theme for your desktop then you will appreciate it when you know that you can do it automatically.
The most widely known program of this type is Wallpapa and you can read about it in our previous review, where we tested Wallpapa for Mac and Windows. As soon as you’ll launch this application you will notice that the interface is very simple, it uses just two buttons to make a choice and it’s nothing more than a small tray icon that hides on the system tray and updates the wallpaper every time you start Windows.
The good thing about this program is that there are no unnecessary settings and no setup window, which makes it really easy to use and understand. Plus, it does not put any burden on your computer’s resources as it doesn’t need much to start working.
But, if you think that the interface is too simple for you, Wallpapa can do more than just changing the wallpaper, it also has a lot of other options, namely the possibility to change the desktop wallpaper on a user defined interval. So if you’re a little bit more into personalized and themed desktop environments, you will certainly appreciate that it can do more.
The Wallpapa team decided to include a few additional features on their program and the first of them is Wallpapa Backup.
This function allows you to automatically backup all the settings which you have customized or downloaded, saving your desktop settings in a folder named as Wallpapa Backup.
So if you want to change your settings and apply the new ones as soon as you start Windows you can copy and paste the files from the Wallpapa Backup folder, which is located at: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\Wallpapa Backup\Settings.
Another important feature is Wallpapa Hotkeys.
If you have ever noticed that your applications and your desktop often change the wallpaper even if you have set it manually, you will appreciate that Wallpapa Hotkeys can use this feature to change the desktop wallpaper with just a simple keystroke.
So if you press the Ctrl + Alt + D keys together, Wallpapa Hotkeys will bring the desktop wallpaper to the foreground.
You have an even more advanced configuration if you choose to use ‘Themes’ as

What’s New In?

Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer is an application, designed to change your computer's background

* Change the look of your desktop on a regular basis
* Perfect for lazy people who prefer to let Windows do the work
* Automatically selects a new wallpaper every time you start up
* 1 wallpaper change per day
The program has a clean look and easy to use interface.
It's really easy to setup the background changer.
Simply input the path to the folder with your desktop backgrounds and they will change regularly.
There is a very small amount of options available to alter the settings.
It is also possible to display the changer icon in the Windows system tray.
* Automatically select a new wallpaper every time you start up
The program does a great job with the timing, as it automatically selects a new wallpaper after you login every time you start up Windows.
This option is not selectable, but you can change the interval in which it refreshes the list of pictures.
This in turn will determine the time between each change.
The default value is 8 hours, but you can easily change this.
* 1 wallpaper change per day
It is possible to define a specific time every day in which the desktop background is changed.
This is the only option that isn't selectable and it will cause the desktop background to change once every day.
* Change of the wallpaper at Windows start up
The program includes a shortcut on your desktop and can also be found in the Windows system tray.
Simply double-click on it to set a new background image.
The program is very simple to use and it really does do exactly what it is designed for: change the desktop background automatically on a regular basis.

Brand new 2.2.1 update with new Design and Visual effect and bug fix.
With this software, you can change your desktop background everytime you login to Windows.
The program is quite easy to use and has a very simple interface.
It has a simple look and is easy to use.
The program is great for people who want a new background every day.
You can set the wallpaper manually or you can let the program choose it for you.
You can also choose the interval in which it refreshes the list of pictures.
This in turn will determine the time between each change.
Default value is 8 hours.
The default pictures are not in a folder.
They are all in the default pictures folder.
There is a very small amount of options available to alter the settings.
In order to be able to choose the wallpaper manually, it is necessary to enable it in the software settings.
You can set the delay before the system tray icon is displayed.
In addition, you can also change the maximum width of the picture.
This is the highest value it can choose

System Requirements For Fun Desktop Wallpaper Changer:

Supported OS: Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista (SP1), Windows 7 (SP1) or Windows 8 (SP1)
Minimum System Requirements:
Minimum System Requirements:

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