The residence of the bishops

The Buonconsiglio Castle stands on a rocky hill in the city of Trento. It is considered one of the most important non-religious monuments of the province. Built between 1239 and 1255, it was once the residence of the Prince Bishops until the secularization of the episcopate in 1803. Its architecture is very interesting, since it consists of a group of buildings from different eras, surrounded by an imposing sixteenth century city wall. Behind the walls, reinforced by the characteristic cylindrical bastions, lies a charming Italian garden, with the tower of Augustus dominating the whole and which can be accessed through the courtyard of the medieval Castelvecchio, with its sequence of lodges in the Venetian Gothic style. Since 1973,the castle houses the Provincial Museum of Art (Museo Provinciale d’Arte), called “Buonconsiglio Castle, Monuments and Provincial Collections” (Castello del Buonconsiglio, monumenti e collezioni provinciali). Here you will find numerous art collections, paintings, sculptures, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, majolica stoves, and archaeological and numismatic collections. Among the Baroque and Gothic frescoes, particular attention should be given to the Cycle of the Months (il Ciclo dei Mesi), regarded as one of the most important examples of the International Gothic style.