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The “Site” ( uses cookies to make their services simple and efficient for the user who views the pages of Users viewing the Site will include minimum amounts of information on devices in use, such as computers and mobile devices, in small text files called “cookies” saved in the directories used by the user’s web browser. There are various types of cookies, some to make the Site more effective, others to enable certain features.

By analyzing them in detail our cookies allow you to:

  • store the entered preferences;
  • avoid re-entering the same information several times during the visit such as your username and password;
  • analyze the use of services and content provided by to optimize their navigation experience and services offered.

Cookie Types

Technical Cookies

This type of cookie allows some sections of the Site to work properly. There are two categories: Persistent and Session:

  • persistent: once the browser is closed they will not be destroyed but remain up to a preset deadline
    of session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed
  • These cookies, always sent by our domain, are required to display the site correctly and in relation to the technical services offered, will always be used and sent, unless the user modifies the settings in his browser (thus affecting the display of the site pages).

Analytical cookies

Cookies in this category are used to collect information about site usage. will use this information as anonymous statistics analysis to improve the use of the Site and to make content more interesting and relevant to users’ desires. This type of cookie collects anonymous data about the user’s activity and how it came to the Site. Analytical cookies are sent from the Site or from third-party domains.

Third party service analysis cookies

These cookies are used in order to collect information about the use of the Site by users in anonymous form such as visited pages, length of stay, source of origin, geographic origin, age, gender, and interests for marketing campaigns . These cookies are sent from third-party domains outside the Site.

Cookies to integrate third-party software products and features

This type of cookie integrates features developed by third parties within the Site pages such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks in order to share site content or use third-party software services (such as software for generate maps and additional software that provide additional services). These cookies are sent by third party domains and partner sites that offer their functionality between the pages of the Site.

Profiling cookies

These are the cookies needed to create user profiles in order to send advertisements in line with the user’s preferences within the pages of the Site., according to the law in force, is not required to consent to technical cookies and analytics, as it is necessary to provide the required services.

  • For all other types of cookies, the consent can be expressed by the user with one or more of the following:
  • Using specific web browser configurations or related computer programs used to navigate the pages that make up the Site.
    By modifying settings in the use of third-party services

Both of these solutions may prevent the user from using or displaying parts of the Site.

Websites and third party services

The Site may contain links to other Web sites that have their own privacy statement that may be different from those adopted by and which therefore does not respond to these sites.

Cookie List

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Vogliamo ringraziare di cuore ognuno di voi per il supporto e la generosità che ci state trasmettendo con i vostri messaggi. Questo ci fa capire che non siamo mai stati soli. Vedere il Sartori’s Hotel pieno di persone è la nostra vita di tutti i giorni ed è per questo che ci siamo adoperati e siamo pronti per ripartire con un attento e specifico protocollo di igienizzazione di tutti i locali e strumenti di lavoro per garantire a tutti voi Ospiti e al nostro Staff un ambiente sano e protetto, in totale sicurezza.

Aspettiamo le vostre prenotazioni.

We want to thank each one for you heartily and support that you are sending us with your messages. It means that we have never been alone. To see Sartori's Hotel full of people is our everyday life and that is why we have made every effort and are ready to start again with a careful and specific hygiene protocol for every area and work tools to guarantee all of you Guests and our Staff a healthy and protected environment, in total safety.

We await your reservations.

Wir möchten jedem von Ihnen von ganzem Herzen für die Unterstützung und Großzügigkeit danken, die Sie uns mit Ihren Nachrichten senden. Dies macht uns verständlich, dass wir nie allein waren. Sartoris Hotel voller Gäste zu sehen, ist unser Alltag. Deshalb haben wir alle Anstrengungen unternommen und sind bereit, erneut mit einem sorgfältigen und spezifischen Hygieneprotokoll für alle Räumlichkeiten und Arbeitsgeräte zu beginnen, um Ihnen allen Gäste zu garantieren und unseren Mitarbeitern eine gesunde und geschützte Umwelt in absoluter Sicherheit.

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