A journey in science, through past and future

The new Science Museum of Trento – the Muse – is built in innovative shapes and geometries, the result of the avant-garde architecture of Renzo Piano. This is a unique space, where parents and children can explore the environment in a creative mannerand finally live new and interesting learning experiences. With a total area of ​​about 19 ​​thousand meters, it is possible to travel through the millennia of history, all the way to our contemporary society. Dinosaurs on large platforms, which can be explored at 360°, astonish every visitor, the “Great Void” (Grande Vuoto), present in the central space, visually connects the five floors of the museum, celebrating the biodiversity of the planet: from the top, where it meets with a glacier, to the bottom, where visitors are greeted by the floating skeleton of a whale. The Muse combines the contents and the traditional approach of natural history museums with the new themes and methods of interaction of the modern visitor.