Top 5 SEO software to help write blog posts.

For the so-called “pope of SEO”, SEO should represent about 50% of a platform’s traffic. Far from being easy to achieve, this ratio involves optimizing each of your texts for search engines. Plagiarism detection, correction of grammar mistakes, keyword research. Fortunately, creating SEO blog posts is simplified by some software.

Answer the public, an SEO software to find ideas for topics
Answer the public is a bit like the voice that whispers in the ear of Internet users. Through this
100% online program, you will be able to find out what questions they are asking themselves in search engines. Small precision… is not a silver bullet. By this you mean that the site does not give ideas for blog posts ex nihilo. On the other hand, if you already have a lead, it helps you refine your thinking by revealing the most popular queries in search engines.
For example, when querying the algorithm on the keyword “blogger”, the following concepts appear:
how a blogger makes money;
what status for a blogger;
who is aquababe blogger;
how to become a travel blogger;
what a blogger does;
In all, there are 25 questions related to the word “blogger” that answer the public offers you. All you have to do is use it to create high value-added content.
DoBrief, an SEO application for semantic and documentary search is an editorial platform that we have developed with the aim of writing SEO content by analyzing and comparing ourselves to the first Google results.
This SEO tool allows:
Create an optimal plan by visualizing those of your competitors in the SERP
Conduct a quick literature search
Perform a complete semantic search
Compare the SEO optimization of competing content with yours
This tool allows you to draw inspiration from the best elements of the first results to create a blog post optimized for search engines.

Yoast, a blog post optimization SEO software for wordpress

Yoast SEO is an on-page SEO optimization tool. This is a plugin to install on your WordPress blog.
It is based on the content you have written to provide you with recommendations and thus maximize the SEO optimization of your content.
Types of recommendations:
Meta title length and meta description
Presence of main keywords in important parts of your content (title, subtitles, URL…)
Keyword sub-optimization detection
Keyword over-optimization detection
Detection of sentences that are too long
No image and link detection
JPEG Compressor(jpeg compressor
), to make your page faster to load
If a page takes more than three seconds to load, 53% of users leave it without additional searches. And the longer the delay, the higher the bounce rate. In other words, you have every interest in optimizing the loading speed of your website. For this, there is one point that you should not neglect: the weight of the images.

The larger the visuals, the slower the page will load. In order to reduce their digital weight while preserving their quality, use JPEG Compressor. Completely free, this
program allows you to compress any image.

Jira, a tool to organize and collaborate
If creating SEO blog posts is a team-run component, you’ll love Jira. Website allowing collaborative work, this Agile development software acts as a virtual board. There, you can observe the progress of the project, add notes and even create reports.
Very easy to learn, Jira dematerializes collaboration for optimal productivity. Never has a multi-handed editorial strategy been easier.

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